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Nasruddin was a poor man who lived in a poor house. One day his wife asked him for some money to buy rice and vegetables. But he did not have any money at all. He took a big strong robe and went to the market. He wanted to be a porter. At the market he saw a group of pottery sellers. Nasreddin came to one of them and asked if he needed his help to carry the pottery. ”I have a big basket full of bowls and cups. If you help me bring it to my house, I’ll give you three wisest advice,” said the pottery seller.

At first Nasreddin refused it because what he needed was money, not advice. But later he agreed. He thought that he could get money some other time but he may not get three wises advice at the other time. “Okay, I agree. Let ma carry the basket, and you walk behind me,” said Nasreddin. Then he lifted the heavy basket and put it on his head. So, he did not need his robe. After walking for quite long distance, Nasreddin felt tired and took a rest. The pottery seller also had a rest. He sat beside Nasreddin. “What do you think if you give me the advice now!” Nasreddin asked the man. “Okay, I’ll give you the first advice.

After we walk some distance I’ll tell you the second,” said the man. “All right, what’s that!” asked nasreddin impatiently. “The first, don’t believe anybody saying that being hungry is much better than being too full,”said the pottery seller. “That’s a wise advice,” said Nasreddin, too. Then Nasreddin carried the basket again. They both walk until they felt tired. They stopped under a shade three. Nasreddin asked, what is the next advice!’ The man said, the second, don’t believe anyone telling you that walking for a long distance is better than riding a horse.” “That’s a very wise advice,” said Nasreddin. They walked again an then stopped again to take a rest.

Nasreddin asked the man for the last advice. The pottery seller answered, “Don’t believe anyone saying that the other porters are more foolish than you”. Hearing the answer, Nasreddin dropped the basket all once. The bowls and cups were broken into pieces. Then he said quickly, “And don’t believe anyone saying that these bowls and cups are not broken.” yulia

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