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Everyday we meet many people around us in our district, in the office, in the market, at school or on the way. Many of them are so busy with their activities. They can be workers, teachers, officers, students, and many others. They do their works or activities as what they do everyday. Some of them do their jobs with full of willing but some of them are sometimes even often too lazy to do their works. Because of their busy activities or businesses, often they neglect other people around them or forget their family or even they forget themselves. They forget the time to meal, to take a rest, to bath, and it seems that they have no any time to do other activity, like social one.

During the rush hours, in the morning, we can find that the streets are so crowded. There are so many cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even public transportations need the streets to pass. Many of them are in a hurry in order to get the place on time. They drive or ride their vehicles carelessly so it is very dangerous for themselves and others’ safety. It is often difficult for us to drive our cars or ride our motorcycles or bicycles because of the crowded streets.

Sometimes we get angry being trapped in that situation but we can do nothing we just think our own safety. Why do people around us act like that ? They are so busy doing their activities, why ? Have you ever asked them ? Have you ever thought about that ? Though we never interview them, it is really sure that they do as what we see is because they want to reach their success. Success can mean obtaining a lot of money, getting high positions in their offices or companies, succeeding in their studies. In fact, we are given twenty-four hours a day but many people often say that they have no time left to do any social work in their societies.

What about you ? Do you always consider your time, making schedule for your daily activities in order to cover any kinds of activities around you, either your business or social work ? In our school, we can find many students with their own characteristics. Some students are very diligent to fulfill their responsibilities, by studying seriously either at school or at home. They also pay attention to their teachers’ explanations. On the other hand, we also find many students that are not too serious to study, not too serious to listen to their teachers. They make their parents and teachers so worried because they may fail their examinations.

Our time is something really precious for us. We have to spend it wisely or we can be far from our success because it can not be reached without any effort. Our bright future also depends on our struggle. Then, how should we spend our time wisely ? There are some steps we can do : First : Make a schedule to do all the activities. Second : Select the positive activities only. Third : Do the most important activity first Fourth : Throw away the negative ones Fifth : Dream an ideal for your future Sixth : Save enough time to join social work Seventh : Save also enough time to take a rest ( Written by Mam Antik }

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